Do brands have to spend big on Christmas advertising?

Lights, gifts, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus! It’s soon going to be the season of Christmas, which is joyful for many fashion retailers and popular brands, especially if the consumers take to their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaigns can be a hit or a miss! But creative advertisements can help popular brands with brisk business during the festive season of Christmas so it’s always worth a shot at pushing the boundaries! Christmas mailing is one popular technique that’s labelled as being traditional, however, technology has drastically improved mailing campaigns and their overall effectiveness in recent years. So why is this? Because data is easily cleaned and letters, brochures and magazines can actually be easily personalised, which is obviously important at Christmas. Brands like to be able to speak to their customers directly, and offer them something physical to hold, rather than spamming their email inbox with mail! Christmas mailings can also be very hard to ignore, especially if they include a discount or promotion of some sort. It’s highly unlikely it will be thrown straight in the trash, and if it is, it will be because the content isn’t relevant to the individual. If you take the time to work on the design and content, but also get the data right and use automation tools, your ‘traditional’ campaigns can be swift, smooth and successful. Continue reading

Never rule out offline marketing strategies for your business

Ruling out offline marketing would be a be mistake for any business. Although it is easy to say digital marketing is most effective in recent years, old techniques still work extremely well. Many businesses focus their marketing budget on online marketing and easily forget the importance of direct marketing.

There are many ways to promote your business offline, through mail, newspaper advertisements, brochures and leaflets to name a few. It has been said the mail marketing remains more effective than email marketing, and that’s why it is so important to still use these marketing methods to your businesses advantage.

With the right design and marketing team, you can create high quality designs, promote sales and products all whilst incorporating your brands identity. Leaflets and brochures are a great way to engage with your audience and create curiosity, driving them to your store or website, with the aim of increasing sales.

Advertising Your Business In Your Local Newspaper

Promoting your business in your local newspaper could help boost your sales and followers. There can be some tricks to help you decide whether to choose free or paid advertising, or both. We feel that whatever strategy you choose, getting newspaper coverage will increase your community profile.

Paid Advertising

This could be the easy way to get your business in to a local publication since you simply have to pay to advertise your business. You get to dictate the content they will write about your business and optimise commercial messages to attract customers, but the cost of the ad may not provide a return, so perhaps signing up to a series will work better.

Free Editorial

Most newspapers host free editorial spaces to help promote your business. However, you don’t get to dictate what they will write about you and your business. Most reporters will summarise the good or bad things and compile them to make the write-up. The best thing to do is get in touch with reporters and foster good relationships with them.

Ecommerce startup businesses: The hard start you’re looking to create an online store of some sort, the hard graft really starts at the beginning, whereby you have to produce all of the information required for your products. Let’s say you’re selling clothes online. A website is not enough, you need to be able to populate that website, otherwise, it’s an empty template. So this means you need to compile images and descriptions of all the clothes, as well as prices, checkout pages and categories etc.

This is the same for your social media channels too, so each of these will need to be populated with images of your products to make more people aware of your brand and the items you sell. This is actually the hard part, but you have to be able to get this done quickly if you want to make your website live sharpish. Waiting too long to add your products could mean you delay the launch of your shop and without promoting your products at all, and you may struggle to get the ball rolling.

A good e-commerce website not only has to run well and be easy to navigate, it also needs to have all of the relevant information and getting this can prove tricky if you’re not organised. So, if you’re looking to create a startup online business then you need to get everything planned out in advance. Make sure you have lots of images and content to share first, then get your website setup and start populating it. Too many people think with a logo and some basic product images taken on heir mobile phone, they’ll make hundreds of sales, but that’s not going to happen. You need to write copy for the website, make compelling descriptions and produce high-quality images or pay a photographer to do this for you.