Reasons to Invest in Digital Advertising

Are you currently investing in Digital Advertising? If not, you’re missing out. Let me explain why the top reasons to invest in digital advertising are compelling and actionable for both marketers with a new platform or those looking for some fresh inspiration.

You know your ideal customer, and digital advertising can target those exact people at the right time.

Digital advertising costs a lot less than traditional advertising methods. The reason is that several online marketing tools are free, plus you can change and modify your campaigns regularly, meaning you are again always targeting the right people.

The number of internet users increases every day. In 2017-2018 the worldwide users increased from 53% to 57% – a 4% increase. This means that the number of ideal customers is constantly growing. 

If the product or service you provide is available worldwide, digital advertising means you can promote your product across the world easily and quickly. 

What makes a good logo?

There are five main principles to designing a good logo for your brand, they are:

A logo should be simple. A simple logo focuses on the most critical aspects of your brand, whether this is a symbol or the use of a letter or wordmark. A simple design can express your brand’s personality and ethics effectively.

A logo should be relevant. What does this mean? Well, this means that the logo needs to appeal to your target audience. The use of colour in your logo can also trigger different emotions in the consumer.

A logo should be memorable. This means that consumers will remember it straight away and connect with them. Your logo also needs to be unique.

A logo needs to be timeless. The best logo stands out of the pack and remains relevant even when the world around us is changing.

Your new logo should be versatile and be used in various sizes and formats. If your logo looks wonderful, blown up but not so great on a business card, you need to rethink the design.

Keys to Content Creation

Online and social media marketing can be a fickle thing. Here are 5 top tips to creating content that will reach potential customers:

1. Know your Audience! This is the number one key to content creation. If you do not know the who, the how and the when of your target audience will interact with your content, then you are wasting your time. Do your research and create 1-3 buyer personas.

2. Be consistent. Keep your visuals, language and tone consistent for all of your content and across each platform. Have a plan that spells out what this will entail.

3. Be dependable. Create a content creation and posting plan that you can manage and ensure that you stick to it, to build trust with your audience.

4. Be sure to listen. Utilise social listening to know what your potential customers need and want. Think about what problem you can solve for them with your product.

5. Engage! Always respond in some way to people who comment or interact with your content, even if it is just with a like. Encourage conversations and engagement with your brand.

Creating a branded logo

When starting a new business, it is important to take your time to finalise the logo as this will stay the logo for the foreseeable future.

First thing to consider is your competition- competitors will not be happy with a similar logo and may even sue should it bee so similar. checking out other similar businesses is also a great way to see what you do and don’t like in a logo.

What colour? This depends on the brand itself. If you want a bold colour, consider what colour the backgrounds will be that your logo is placed on opting for a black logo can be very beneficial as it can then be reversed into a white logo for plaement onto darker backgrounds.

Typography- fonts can reallypimensay alot about a brand, from bold funky writing to slimline sophisticated typography. The typography shouild work well with your logo and compliment the brand.

Do brands have to spend big on Christmas advertising?

Lights, gifts, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus! It’s soon going to be the season of Christmas, which is joyful for many fashion retailers and popular brands, especially if the consumers take to their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaigns can be a hit or a miss! But creative advertisements can help popular brands with brisk business during the festive season of Christmas so it’s always worth a shot at pushing the boundaries! Christmas mailing is one popular technique that’s labelled as being traditional, however, technology has drastically improved mailing campaigns and their overall effectiveness in recent years. So why is this? Because data is easily cleaned and letters, brochures and magazines can actually be easily personalised, which is obviously important at Christmas. Brands like to be able to speak to their customers directly, and offer them something physical to hold, rather than spamming their email inbox with mail! Christmas mailings can also be very hard to ignore, especially if they include a discount or promotion of some sort. It’s highly unlikely it will be thrown straight in the trash, and if it is, it will be because the content isn’t relevant to the individual. If you take the time to work on the design and content, but also get the data right and use automation tools, your ‘traditional’ campaigns can be swift, smooth and successful. Continue reading