Reasons to Invest in Digital Advertising

Are you currently investing in Digital Advertising? If not, you’re missing out. Let me explain why the top reasons to invest in digital advertising are compelling and actionable for both marketers with a new platform or those looking for some fresh inspiration.

You know your ideal customer, and digital advertising can target those exact people at the right time.

Digital advertising costs a lot less than traditional advertising methods. The reason is that several online marketing tools are free, plus you can change and modify your campaigns regularly, meaning you are again always targeting the right people.

The number of internet users increases every day. In 2017-2018 the worldwide users increased from 53% to 57% – a 4% increase. This means that the number of ideal customers is constantly growing. 

If the product or service you provide is available worldwide, digital advertising means you can promote your product across the world easily and quickly. 

What makes a good logo?

There are five main principles to designing a good logo for your brand, they are:

A logo should be simple. A simple logo focuses on the most critical aspects of your brand, whether this is a symbol or the use of a letter or wordmark. A simple design can express your brand’s personality and ethics effectively.

A logo should be relevant. What does this mean? Well, this means that the logo needs to appeal to your target audience. The use of colour in your logo can also trigger different emotions in the consumer.

A logo should be memorable. This means that consumers will remember it straight away and connect with them. Your logo also needs to be unique.

A logo needs to be timeless. The best logo stands out of the pack and remains relevant even when the world around us is changing.

Your new logo should be versatile and be used in various sizes and formats. If your logo looks wonderful, blown up but not so great on a business card, you need to rethink the design.

Web Design Updates & Trends

Web design trends can be challenging to understand as computers cannot identify trends. This means that while templates can be used to make blogs and brochures, web designers cannot use a one size fits all approach. Web Designers will always be needed to make or follow the current trends when designing websites. These trends could be related to chat functionality, checkout development or even updating the branding of a business.

Web design and Web Designers will always be in demand as more and more sites are being created with companies continually developing their online presence and reach.  Companies that know the importance of web design often have their in-house team who are constantly creating more and more visually attractive and complex web pages.

The internet is constantly evolving and websites need to meet certain demands. Designers ensure sites meet these designs.  It is not just the internet that is evolving, it is also the technology behind them.

What is a Responsive Website?

When you are first designing or getting your website created for you, there is a lot to learn. Website designs are a very complex and with their various types of content, images and processes. One very important thing you should consider and incorporate into your website is to make sure it is responsive.

A responsive website means that when someone accesses your website on a smaller, mobile device, as opposed to a PC or laptop, that all of your content, images and processes show up and work as they should. You want your website to quickly adapt to a smaller device to where people can see everything well and is user friendly.

Having a responsive website is very important in a world where most people use their mobile devices for the majority of their shopping and researching. One way you can check your website responsiveness from a PC or laptop is the using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

What is Clickbait?

Navigating the online world continues to get harder with all the scams, misleading information, marketing bombardment and ‘clickbait’, which all seek to draw you in and take your time without giving anything back.

Many may be wondering what is ‘clickbait’ and how can I avoid it? Clickbait is typically some misleading, ridiculous or sensational headline that is associated with spam or fake news to help draw traffic and increase ad revenue whilst providing no value.

Often these clickbait headlines will focus on areas that will get peoples attention such as celebrities, money, real estate, animals or shocking/suspense type headings of often embellished news stories. Once you actually click on the link and read the content, it often is not quite what you were expecting. These types of things are often found on Facebook, YouTube, BuzzFeed and similar platforms.

Its honestly better to try and avoid things that look like clickbait as it is often misleading. If you are looking for news, seek out reliable sources and not just any old pop-up you see online.