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Hello and Welcome to Alchemy-Digitalmedia.co.uk – where our goal is to provide you with the most important tips and details that you should know about doing digital and web marketing yourself, or how to judge the work produced by those you’ve hired to do the work.

It is a sorry thing to say that web marketing businesses are amongst some of the least trustworthy, which means that for those who are paying for the services these businesses provide, it is also one of the most risky. Not only do you risk wasting your money with ineffectual services, you are also in danger of damaging your internet presence by, for instance, a google penalty. Knowledge is power, and having knowledge of website marketing is definitely an example of where this is the case; helping you to avoid worst-case scenarios just like this. Thankfully, finding our website is the first step into acquiring the knowledge you need about SEO, social marketing, content marketing, link building, reputation management, web design and development and a lot more.