Advertising Your Business In Your Local Newspaper

Promoting your business in your local newspaper could help boost your sales and followers. There can be some tricks to help you decide whether to choose free or paid advertising, or both. We feel that whatever strategy you choose, getting newspaper coverage will increase your community profile.

Paid Advertising

This could be the easy way to get your business in to a local publication since you simply have to pay to advertise your business. You get to dictate the content they will write about your business and optimise commercial messages to attract customers, but the cost of the ad may not provide a return, so perhaps signing up to a series will work better.

Free Editorial

Most newspapers host free editorial spaces to help promote your business. However, you don’t get to dictate what they will write about you and your business. Most reporters will summarise the good or bad things and compile them to make the write-up. The best thing to do is get in touch with reporters and foster good relationships with them.