What makes a good logo?

There are five main principles to designing a good logo for your brand, they are:

A logo should be simple. A simple logo focuses on the most critical aspects of your brand, whether this is a symbol or the use of a letter or wordmark. A simple design can express your brand’s personality and ethics effectively.

A logo should be relevant. What does this mean? Well, this means that the logo needs to appeal to your target audience. The use of colour in your logo can also trigger different emotions in the consumer.

A logo should be memorable. This means that consumers will remember it straight away and connect with them. Your logo also needs to be unique.

A logo needs to be timeless. The best logo stands out of the pack and remains relevant even when the world around us is changing.

Your new logo should be versatile and be used in various sizes and formats. If your logo looks wonderful, blown up but not so great on a business card, you need to rethink the design.