Why Channel Attribution is Important

In order to truly take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that being an ecommerce provides, generating traffic through a number of different sources is very important. You can never guarantee that one of the traffic streams you’ve built is going to remain and maintain for good, so putting all of your eggs in that one basket can be very risky.

As a part of a complete digital marketing strategy, by experienced professionals, you should be working towards generating business through a number of different channels; social, email marketing, search engine marketing (both PPC and SEO), display ad networks, and blog outreach are some of the key areas worth your attention. In order to benefit from each of these areas, a big part of that is achieved through the collection, analysis and response to data.

Google analytics is the most widely used traffic analysis software in the world. It has a wide number of features and functions, but probably its most important is the channel attribution it offers. Its not enough to just see how much traffic you’re getting, you need to be able to how, where and when you’re getting it too; this is what channel attribution does.

If you’re able to refine the data in google analytics effectively, then you’ll be able to see precise channel attribution data. This can allow you to determine how effective each channel is at generating traffic and conversions, and in particular, which campaign was the most effective in each of them. It is important to note that the basic google analytics platform isn’t very adept at this by itself, and it may require greater integration with social media accounts, for instance.