Using AB Testing to Determine if your Website Design is Working

Website design can be an expensive endeavour for a business, but it can have a profound impact on how many people see your website and interact with it positively. It is quite cheap to set up a basic website, and if you don’t need the help of professionals, it can even be free with a CMS like wordpress. On the other hand, building a website which is able to compete or even out compete your top competitors in your industry, requires a more considered and robust approach.

Building a website design which meets and surpasses the standard set by your top competitors can involve a lot of consideration, and to do this a number of tools and techniques can be employed to help. One of the best of these techniques is AB testing.

AB testing is a technique that compares and contrasts two variations of the same webpage. It is able to take a sample of traffic for each version and analysis the data they provide, which allows a website designer to draw some conclusions on which version has a better reception with users. This can be used to determine whether a whole design should be scrapped, or if the problem is just that a Call to Action isn’t clear enough.

What is good about AB testing is that it takes what is more commonly an instinctual, or even abitrary, approach, and applies the scientific method towards it. It allows a level of precision with your design, and accomplishes this at lower costs than other methods, such as commissioning focus groups, and at greater levels of reliability than that and website user experience surveys too.