Never rule out offline marketing strategies for your business

Ruling out offline marketing would be a be mistake for any business. Although it is easy to say digital marketing is most effective in recent years, old techniques still work extremely well. Many businesses focus their marketing budget on online marketing and easily forget the importance of direct marketing.

There are many ways to promote your business offline, through mail, newspaper advertisements, brochures and leaflets to name a few. It has been said the mail marketing remains more effective than email marketing, and that’s why it is so important to still use these marketing methods to your businesses advantage.

With the right design and marketing team, you can create high quality designs, promote sales and products all whilst incorporating your brands identity. Leaflets and brochures are a great way to engage with your audience and create curiosity, driving them to your store or website, with the aim of increasing sales.

Making email marketing work for your business

Email marketing helps you to stay in touch with old and new customers and can work for any type of business, big and small. Emails are a great way to promote a new product, advertise a sale, or simply touch base with your subscribers/customers.

The most difficult part of email marketing is getting a good open rate, that’s why business emails should be kept simple yet engaging with their intended audience. Always include good quality written content, whilst having eye-catching visuals to compliment the text is key. Having a good ratio of text and visuals make the email more pleasing to the eye, and keeps the reader engaged. This is only if they actually open up the email that is.

Getting your readers to open the email will require a title the creates curiosity, making them want to know more. Always include easy links to your website and any items mentioned within the email, if the user has to jump through hurdles to get to the information on your website, you will likely lose their interest quickly.

Should I hire an online marketing professional?

There are many ways to help promote your business, with both online and offline methods. With the constant growth of online users, there is no better time to optimise some of the online marketing strategies.

Online marketing can be a very time consuming job, that’s why hiring a professional may work well for your business. Hiring a team that can help improve your position on search engines and help provide organic traffic towards your website.

Online marketing also includes management of social media, the biggest growing platforms on the web. Business accounts should be created and managed with quality content both written and visual, and also engagement with followers and potential customers. Social media platforms not only provide an easy way to reach the website, with each click to your site you are improving your websites trust, which search engines like.

Hiring an online marketing team could be the next step your business needs, research a trusted company and see the positive results for yourself.

Facebook Ads and their benefits

Social media is a big trend these days. With so many people using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, it is potentially the best way to earn money. Moreover, engaging in social media is a smart way to direct traffic to your website (if you have one).

Lets take Facebook as example. As one of the most popular platforms out there, it has around 1.2 billion users. So if you have your own website and your target is to bring traffic to it, then Facebook needs to be considered. You can create ads that appear to a huge group of people that will give you the traffic you desire. All you have to do is log into your Facebook account and look for a window that says: “Create Ad”. From there you just have to follow the simple steps to reach your objective. Now usually ads have a certain price that you should pay in order to create it. But with Facebook you can chose the amount you would like to spend and Facebook will stop when it reaches that amount.

Adding advertisments to your website

Monetising your website is a wise option, especially if you’re bringing in a good amount of traffic. Many bloggers have added advertisements on their websites on various different pages, and some of which have actually become full time bloggers with their only income coming from companies advertising on their site. This just goes to show how important it can be to consider running adverts on your website, and there are many different programmes that make it easy to do so, such as Google and Amazon’s affiliate schemes. One thing you do need to make sure if you are considering this step, is to ensure only really relevant adverts are displayed on your site. You don’t want your readers to find irrelevant information, whilst you should also make sure the adverts do not effect the speed and functionality of your website. Always be very cautious when making major changes to your website, and tell advertisers the type of content you’d like displayed. There’s no harm in creating a set of rules.