What is Clickbait?

Navigating the online world continues to get harder with all the scams, misleading information, marketing bombardment and ‘clickbait’, which all seek to draw you in and take your time without giving anything back.

Many may be wondering what is ‘clickbait’ and how can I avoid it? Clickbait is typically some misleading, ridiculous or sensational headline that is associated with spam or fake news to help draw traffic and increase ad revenue whilst providing no value.

Often these clickbait headlines will focus on areas that will get peoples attention such as celebrities, money, real estate, animals or shocking/suspense type headings of often embellished news stories. Once you actually click on the link and read the content, it often is not quite what you were expecting. These types of things are often found on Facebook, YouTube, BuzzFeed and similar platforms.

Its honestly better to try and avoid things that look like clickbait as it is often misleading. If you are looking for news, seek out reliable sources and not just any old pop-up you see online.