Typical Remarketing Campaigns


Remarketing is an ad innovation offered by various ad platforms. What it is, is a strategy which keeps your website, your brand, at the forefront of your target audience. It does this by recognising people who’ve visited your website and left; and then tracking those people on other websites, and showing ads back to your website.

This technique allows businesses to further develop their brand, with the ultimate goal of making their website synonymous with the subject that the target is interested in.

Strategies for this model of marketing typically involve highly targeted ads, usually in the form of deals and discounts, so that people who’ve felt they didn’t have a valid reason to remain on the website will be convinced to revisit.

Remarketing has proven to be a very effective method of ad-marketing, although this isn’t always the case. Even if you follow best-practices for it, you may still find that it isn’t working for your business; not because you’re doing it wrong, but because your business strategy isn’t suited to it.