Crisis Recovery Planning

Online marketing can be fickle and content with good intentions can be misconstrued or misunderstood which could cause wide-spread upset. The best thing to help with this potential scenario is having a Crisis Recovery Plan.

Crisis Recovery Plan Tips

1. Know who: you need to have a certain individual or a team (depending on the size of your company) that will be dedicated to the recovery response process.

2. Determine damage: have a definition of crisis level severities that help to detail how demanding the response will need to be.

3. Don’t forget who you are: throughout the process ensure to keep the company’s core values in mind.

4. Cease and desist: all scheduled content should be paused and new content should be created to help that will help manage the damage.

5. Own up: regardless of how serious the incident was, you need to publicly acknowledge that a mistake was made and let people know how you plan correct it.

6. Stay Professional: engage with users over the incident but do not argue. You can even create pre-approved messages to limit the chances of things becoming heated.

7. Record Process: continuously assess the damage and allow the dust to settle. Use the experience to improve your plan for future.